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The toys on this site are for sale. They're sorted into "Matchbox", and "Other." All my Majorettes have now been sold, sorry! If you wish to bid on a toy, or make a higher bid, please send e-mail to scott@wiredmuse.com. I'll confirm that I've received your bid. I will contact all successful bidders and make arrangements for you to pay for your toys and receive them via U.S. mail or UPS.

I've been a "Matchbox" collector for 35 years. I am not a dealer. I am selling these toys to make room. My reputation as a "Matchbox" enthusiast is well-known. I co-founded the Bay Area "Matchbox" Collectors Association in 1971. BAMCA is still going, one of the oldest "Matchbox" collecting clubs. I also published Toy Car magazine from 1978 to 1982, covering many other diecast collectible cars. These days I specialize in "Matchbox" and a few odd things that catch my fancy. If you're interested in trading, check out my want list.

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